Connection with the Kaba

My breath was taken away as I stared in awe. The Ka’bah in all its glory loomed in front of me. I beheld every detail, the shimmering of the gold letters emblazoned on the Ka’bah that shone like a sun, the seemingly endless wave of people, in a circle of tranquility , the Hajr- ul- Aswad or the black stone which came down from the heavens itself, lay sparkling in its splendid silver mantle , and here I was amidst it all, a holy shrine which would never be desecrated. As I looked on, a wondrous feeling enveloped me, a sort of spiritual belonging , an unbelievable ecstasy. I was standing at the most sacred house of Allah in two simple clothes, at a place where centuries of believers had been, and would go in the future… the Haram in the holy city of Makkah.

I had been speechless ever since I entered the Haram, such was the beauty of it, but when I beheld the Kabah tears came to my eyes and a serenity surrounded me. I joined the sea of believers from all over the world, and we stood unified circling around the Ka’bah. It felt so natural, and so lost in my emotions and prayers was I that I did not experience the sensation of walking but rather as such of floating in the Heavens near the throne of Allah. I could have  been circling for an eternity had I not had other obligations such as completing the Sa’ee, that is, walking from the mount Safaa to Marwa, as the wife of Ibrahim (p) had done, to find water for Ismaeel (p). I regretfully broke away from the ranks, which still rotated around the Ka’bah in perfect order and unity.

As I regretfully left the ranks, I headed toward the footsteps of Ibrahim (p), and prayed two rakaats next to them. I felt very honored and inspired to be standing next to something so ancient and sacred. Soon I headed for the two mounts, but  thoughts of the Ka’bah still filled my heart and mind, and threatened to overwhelm me. When I saw the distance between the two mounts, I realized what a task it was for Hajar (r) to go back and forth between them, her actions were a sentiment of hope, perseverance, and above all an unnerving determination.

There was a well of the holy water Zamzam near the mounts, as I drank, I thought of how this water came to be, and I tried to connect with memories of the Earth long forgotten.  A vivid and resplendent image appeared in my head, the thirst, the heat, running for many minutes, the seemingly daunting prospective of failure – but never giving up and above all asking Allah for help. I imagined the moment of awesome power when suddenly Allah gave his command, and a spring gurgled forth, an eternal promise never to be broken, a spring that would last forever…such were the ancient memories of the earth which I could feel so strongly. When I came out of my trance I noticed with mild surprise that I was instinctively walking back and forth of the mounts Safaa and Marwa.

After I finished the  seven obligatory rounds, I finally I completed the last part of the Umrah, the shaving of the head, for many months it would be a symbol of pride and humility. I will always remember the feeling of unity with Muslims all over the world, of spiritual bonding with my lord.

I hope and I pray that Allah may accept my journey, and give me another chance to visit the Ka’bah, and may he forgive my sins, and grant me Jannah.


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  1. Muslimah says:

    Ameen. It was a very pleasant read masha’Allah!

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    “Connection with the Kaba | Hajj – Blogs” ended up being a superb blog.
    If solely there was a lot more personal blogs just like this one in the
    actual the net. Anyways, many thanks for ur time, Floyd

  3. Nice and a very useful blog for me. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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