Hajj, simply put is the journey of a life time

Hajj, simply put is the journey of a life time. It is a journey completely unique in its preparations, its motions, its emotions and its rewards. As with the matters of the deen, the most important aspect is the niyyat. Another important thing is to be in the sacred lands with a restless soul, one which is eager to find internal peace. The sweetness of Hajj really lies in the spiritual awakening of the heart and soul.

As Hajj season approaches, we listen to a lot of khateebs and lectures stating the dynamics and the rituals (manasiks) of Hajj. While perfecting the manasik of Hajj is the tangible goal each Haji should have, there is another, intangible, and in many ways a deeper, goal the Pilgrims need to aim for.

As mentioned above, the reward of an accepted Hajj is unique. If you think about it, the reward for an accepted Hajj, Jannah, is the ultimate goal every human has. The other reward of Hajj is that all our sins are wiped off, and we are given a clean slate.

Wait….What? All sins wiped off? Why? Well, the wisdom of Allah (SwT) is way beyond our logic, but we should try to analyze the key aspects of Hajj and narrow it down to some of the essentials. The goal being, if successful in even coming close to what it is that gave us the clean slate, we may just have the blessed recipe of Jannah. Imagine that! Imagine, you can bring Hajj back with you and keep with you for the rest of your lives.

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