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The Experience of Hajj

If you have not yet been for the Holy Journey or are planning on performing it for the very first time, your mind is likely brimming with questions and pleasant anxiety as to what kind of experience to expect. You … Continue reading

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Hajj – A Comprehensive Worship!

There are five basic pillars of Islam, five primary obligations and acts of worship which constitute the foundation of a Muslim’s life. These are: Shahadah Salat Zakat Sawm (Fast) Hajj First let us understand, in short,  what does these pillars … Continue reading

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Connection with the Kaba

My breath was taken away as I stared in awe. The Ka’bah in all its glory loomed in front of me. I beheld every detail, the shimmering of the gold letters emblazoned on the Ka’bah that shone like a sun, … Continue reading

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Types of Hajj

Hajj is a rejuvenating journey, a ritual which cleanses the heart of a believer from all sins. Its blessings and rewards are endless. When a Pilgrim goes to Makkah to perform this beautiful act of worship, he/she is a guest … Continue reading

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Tips For Choosing a Hajj Package

  Hajj –which purifies man of all sins- is a very sacred journey whose spiritual aspect can be overshadowed when faced with logistical troubles. Therefore choosing the “perfect” hajj package is crucial to allow you to focus on the spiritual … Continue reading

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