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Hajj Packages 2015 Second Program Land

Sep 08 2015 to Sep 27 2015

Package does not include air fare. Package includes free sleeping bags in Muzdalifa. Monitors will be provided in each tent in Mina to show prayer times and Haram condition.

Pricing Information
USD $4,490

Quad occupancy USD $4,490
Triple occupancy N/A
Double occupancyN/A
Single occupancyN/A

Duration of Stay

In Makkah 7 days
In Madina 5 days
Stay in Azizia    


Name of Hotel in Makkah Hotel type building Name of Hotel in Madina no information
Star rating in Makkah Star rating in Madina No rating yet
Proximity to Haram 1Mile + Proximity to Masjid-e-Nabwi 0 - 1/4Mile
Tent proximity to Jamaraat 1Mile + Private Building during Mina
A/C in Arafat


Transport Available A/C in transport
Shuttle service Madina First
Airfare Included?

Imam Information

Imam Available
Imam Name Not available
Imam contact Not available


Food in Makkah breakfast dinner
Food in Madina breakfast dinner
Food in Mina and Arafat    

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Sama Tours
Rating Details
Year of Pilgrimage: 2012

Aslamou Aliakom brother Ayman, First, We thank Allah for gracious blessing for given us health and capability to do manasek Al-Umrah this year. Second, we are grateful for the superior arrangement and the most reliable commitment to provide us with Umrah package exceeded our expectations. Our gratitude to all the team members of Sama Tours in US and in SA. I ought to mention especially brother Ayman Ali for generous conduct to deal with us, sister Soha Amin too and not to mention less brother Esam ElMsbahy for meeting us as a family providing us with generous help and services. Jazakum Allah khair all of you for great services and may Allah counted in your good deeds. We put a video clip in YouTube as word of thanks and to be used as excellent reference for our friends and family in USA who need to get great services for Haij and Umrah. You may put in your facebook and revised the way you can appropriately save it short or long. Sabry Madkor & Adel Zayed Check out this video on YouTube: Sent from my iPad

Created Date: Jun 08 2013
Irshad Rizvi
Rating Details
Year of Pilgrimage: 2013

We met up with the Imam at the departure airport. He put us immediately at ease as this was our first trip to Makkah for any reason. The buses were air-conditioned but a little cramped. Accommodations and toilets were generally clean. Food provided was light and excellent.

Created Date: Jun 12 2013
Rating Details
Year of Pilgrimage: 2012

This is for testing

Created Date: Jun 26 2013
No rating yet
Rating Details
Year of Pilgrimage: 2012

Created Date: Jul 04 2013
jalal didouh
No rating yet
Rating Details
Year of Pilgrimage: 2012

Created Date: Jul 11 2013

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