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-111 days left till Hajj 2014

Hajj Packages Deluxe Hajj Packages (Makkah First) Program 2A

Sep 19 2014 to Oct 08 2014

This program is perfect for the pilgrim who want arrive early to Makkah to enjoy the Haram before the large numbers of Hujjaj arrive. Pilgrims will then go to Madina. After sending salams to Allah's (SWT) beloved, pilgrims will go to an apartment hotel in Azizyah affording time to relax, and mentally prepare for Hajj rituals at Mina and Arafat. Tour to historical sites arranged in Makkah and Madina. Complimentary Ihram, bag pack, prayer rug, Zam Zam, SIM Card and carry-on bag included. Package does not include visa processing fee $300 and cost of Zabiha $130.

Pricing Information
USD $8,700 - USD $8,950

Quad occupancy N/A
Triple occupancy USD $8,950
Double occupancyUSD $8,700
Single occupancyN/A

Duration of Stay

In Makkah 5 days
In Madina 4 days
Stay in Azizia    


Name of Hotel in Makkah Swissotel Hotel Name of Hotel in Madina Al Aqeeq Palace ARAC Hotel
Star rating in Makkah Star rating in Madina
Proximity to Haram 1/4Mile - 1/2Mile Proximity to Masjid-e-Nabwi 1/4Mile - 1/2Mile
Tent proximity to Jamaraat 0 - 1/4Mile Private Building during Mina
A/C in Arafat


Transport Available A/C in transport
Shuttle service Madina First
Airfare Included?

Imam Information

Imam Available
Imam Name n/a
Imam contact n/a


Food in Makkah breakfast lunch dinner
Food in Madina breakfast lunch dinner
Food in Mina and Arafat    

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Year of Pilgrimage: 2007

Excellent service with informative guides and organized structure. They provide chartered plane with no hassle of waiting at airport. Madinah First package is the best. Everything from your passport to baggage to accommodation is taken care of.

Created Date: Jun 07 2013
Rating Details
Year of Pilgrimage: 2012

Assalamoalaikum. Alhumdulillah, I was thoroughly impressed by the Hajj package with Dar es Salam Travel. The entire journey was well worth the price. Of course there were some unforeseen circumstances (due to the number of people who perform Hajj--it was completely understandable). But I would strongly encourage you all to take this journey and would recommend Dar es Salam Travel for this journey of a lifetime.

Created Date: Jun 16 2013
Rating Details
Year of Pilgrimage: 2012

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Created Date: Jul 09 2013

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