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Hajj Packages Hajj Economy Package 5 - Madina First Express

Sep 13 2015 to Sep 27 2015

Price does not include Zabiha fee ($130) and Hajj service fee ($300). No Hotel Stay in Makkah. Pilgrims will stay in resident building in Azizia.

Pricing Information
USD $6,600 - USD $7,300

Quad occupancy USD $6,600
Triple occupancy USD $6,900
Double occupancyUSD $7,300
Single occupancyN/A

Duration of Stay

In Makkah 3 days
In Madina 4 days
Stay in Azizia    


Name of Hotel in Makkah Apartment type Resident Building Name of Hotel in Madina Royal Diyar Hotel
Star rating in Makkah Star rating in Madina
Proximity to Haram 1Mile + Proximity to Masjid-e-Nabwi 1/2Mile - 1Mile
Tent proximity to Jamaraat 1Mile + Private Building during Mina
A/C in Arafat


Transport Available A/C in transport
Shuttle service Madina First
Airfare Included?

Imam Information

Imam Available
Imam Name Mufti Muddassir and Imam Tahir Anwar
Imam contact


Food in Makkah breakfast dinner
Food in Madina breakfast dinner
Food in Mina and Arafat    

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This was a great package. The tour operators are very experienced and professional. The imam's going with the group are awesome too. However, the economy package tents are far from the jamarat and the imams do not stay with you in those tents. They may be a phone call away or a 2 mile hike away. I thought that was a little inconvenient. Over all this is a great group and the economy package is an excellent package. The private building during the manasik is about an hour's walk from the economy tents. Nevertheless, it is a great add on to have.

Created Date: Jun 05 2013

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