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Hajj Packages Hajj e Badal

Sep 21 2015 to Sep 26 2015

These package providers will arrange for an individual to perform Hajj on your behalf. Hajj Fees $315 and Zabiha cost $175 not included.

Pricing Information
USD $2,749

Quad occupancy USD $2,749
Triple occupancy N/A
Double occupancyN/A
Single occupancyN/A

Duration of Stay

In Makkah 0 days
In Madina 0 days
Stay in Azizia    


Name of Hotel in Makkah Name of Hotel in Madina
Star rating in Makkah Star rating in Madina
Proximity to Haram N/A Proximity to Masjid-e-Nabwi N/A
Tent proximity to Jamaraat N/A Private Building during Mina
A/C in Arafat


Transport Available A/C in transport
Shuttle service Madina First
Airfare Included?

Imam Information

Imam Available


Food in Makkah N/A
Food in Madina N/A
Food in Mina and Arafat    

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